About the Sword Sermon Vault

Decades of preaching; all available for immediate download! No membership or monthly dues required. Simply purchase any message you wish and instantly download the files. 

Men of God from both past and present are available now, and an expansive selection of messages specifically for ladies will be coming soon!

We hope you enjoy this latest ministry of the Sword of the Lord! 

About the Sword of the Lord:

Since 1934 the ministry of the Sword of the Lord has existed to partner with those who are fundamentally and biblically like-minded to promote revival and soul winning within our local churches. 

Our greatest desire is to see souls come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Believing the Bible to be the authoritative Word of God, both inspired and preserved in the King James Bible, we promote and preach it unapologetically. We are excited about the Lord Jesus Christ and we proclaim His salvation to everyone, everywhere! 

What started with a simple newspaper edited by our founder John R. Rice, has grown into a publishing house of the world's finest Christian literature. In addition to the SWORD OF THE LORD Newspaper that is published every two weeks, we offer many biblically sound books, pamphlets, and tracts. We also offer a large selection of quality King James Bibles, a quarterly church bulletin service, ample church supplies, a full line of bus ministry materials, and much more. 

Our Sword of the Lord Conferences feature a revival atmosphere that equip, encourage, and excite the saint of God to serve the Lord with renewed fervency and faithfulness. Each year, thousands of people are personally led to Christ with the help of our Soul Winners' Club program. Thousands of pieces of gospel literature and copies of our SWORD OF THE LORD Newspaper are made available to chaplains working within the prison systems. Missionaries are also sent literature so that the Gospel can be spread to all the ends of the earth. Each day we hear of souls saved and Christians discipled because of the ministry of the Sword of the Lord.

To God be the glory! All of this is possible because of the faithful giving of God's people and generous support from local churches.