Smith, Shelton

Dr. Shelton Smith - President & Editor Since April 27, 1995

Shortly after the death of Dr. Hutson the Sword of the Lord Board of Directors elected Dr. Shelton Smith to be the 3rd President and Editor.

Dr. Smith testifies often that he is a "product" of THE SWORD OF THE LORD. In 1963 someone sent an anonymous subscription to him. Dr. Smith says, "As a result, Dr. Rice re-tutored, re-trained and re-tooled me. My life and ministry changed. My best education came from the pages of THE SWORD OF THE LORD."

For 17 years Dr. Smith was the pastor of the Church of the Open Door, an independent, fundamental Baptist church in Westminster, Maryland. During those years the church grew from an average of 175 per Sunday to an average of 1650 per Sunday with a membership exceeding 3000. It has been now for a number of years the largest fundamental church in the Northeast.

As editor he travels every week, holding Sword campaigns across North America and around the world.

Dr. Smith has earned 4 academic degrees: Bachelor of Arts (1966), Master of Theology (1972), Doctor of Ministry (1972) and Doctor of Theology (2003)