Hyles, Jack

When the path ahead is crooked and the road’s too rough to tread, When the best upon the table is replaced by sorrow’s bread, When you’ve crossed some troubled waters, yet a Marah’s just ahead, DON’T QUIT! – (Excerpt from Dr. Jack Hyles’ poem “Don’t Quit”)
Born in Italy, Texas on September 25, 1926, Jack Hyles began preaching at nineteen years of age.

After brief pastorates at Marris Chapel Baptist Church in Bogata, Texas, Grange Hall Baptist Church in Marshall, Texas and Southside Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas, he became widely known as the pastor of Miller Road Baptist Church in Garland, Texas. Through his leadership and zealous soul winning, Miller Road reached a membership of four thousand in seven years.

In August 1959, he became pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. In a few years’ time, the church built the largest Sunday school in the world, with attendances on big days topping twenty-five thousand. The annual pastors’ school stirred many preachers to do greater works in their churches and towns.

In 1972, he founded Hyles-Anderson College.

Dr. Hyles was a frequent cospeaker with Dr. John R. Rice at Sword of the Lord Conferences all across the nation. Dr. Rice called him “a tornado of zeal,” with “a unique anointing from God.”

He authored a number of books with instructions on various aspects of the ministry, including building both churches and Sunday schools. He was one of the twentieth century’s most influential voices in fundamentalism.

After a brief illness, Dr. Hyles departed this life on February 6, 2001, at age 74.